Since the establishment of Auroflux Technologies, we have always focused on providing value addition to our customers with our innovative and up-to-date technology. We have introduced advanced PPR piping solutions for various industrial applications like cooling tower water, chilled water, compressed air, DM water, RO water, Diesel line etc. 

Injection Moulding Machines (IMM) Closed Loop System- Southern Polymers (2009)

For the first time in South India, Closed loop PHE based cooling water system was designed and installed for the Injection Moulding Plant at SOUTHERN POLYMERS, Thirumazhisai . We have designed intermediate heat exchanger to avoid cooling tower raw water engineering to the Injection Moulding oil cooler and mould.  This design ensures sustainable use of the oil cooler and maintains clean as new for moulds.

Designed, supplied and erected IMM cooling system with cooling towers, pumps and energy saving VFD control panel for United Industries Gerugambakkam Plant (8-10 machines) and Pillaipakkam (18-20 machines). Such a design proves to be beneficial not only to the customer but also to the environment due to its sustainability.  We have also designed gravity flow outlet which reduces pumping head and better heat transfer for United Industries.

IMM Closed Loop System- United Industries (2009, 2014)

IMM Closed Loop System- GM Pens (2010)

We set up the gravity flow outlet with closed loop system along with control panel for GM Pens’ new facility at Thirubhuvanai, Pondicherry.

Upon the request of the R&D Division of TAFE to revamp the entire old cooling system for engine testing bed, Auroflux designed and set it up with closed loop system, advanced VFD control panel and completed this project with GEM cooling tower and GI Pipes.

TAFE – Engine Testing Bed (2014)

Nordex India – Compressed Air System (2017)

We installed a compressed air ring main system with lowest pressure drop for NORDEX India, blade manufacturing facility at Mappedu with PPR piping system.

The world leader in moulded hanger manufacturing, Mainetti India presented Auroflux with the challenging job of revamping their entire cooling water old piping system with new advanced PPR piping system in an energy efficient way without affecting their production facility in a phased manner at the time of shutdown given by them. 

We carried out the project for 70+ machines with 6 shutdowns with a team of 60+ people. We used advanced VFD based control panel and PHE based closed loop system with PPR/HDPE piping system in a short period of 6 months. Because of our energy efficient and precise pipe design, we ensured required flow for moulded line and optimum water supply for oil coolers.

Satisfied with the results, we were offered a similar project at their MEPZ plant in 2019. This is one of the biggest revamp piping jobs with PPR piping for IMM plant in India.

Mainetti India Pvt Ltd (Chiller and Cooling Water System) (2018, 2019)

Combination cooling system for Ashok Leyland (2018)

We did the design and supply erection, testing and commissioning of ADIABATIC DRY COOLERS with Plate Heat exchanger connecting with existing cooling system in Ashok Leyland.   We set a DRY ADIABTIC DRY Cooler and also supplied advanced VFD control panel for dry cooler motor and cooling tower pumps, which can be operated even via mobile application with the capability of adjusting the fan motor speed according to the water temperature.

Auroflux was consulted by Funskool for their injection moulding machine at their new facility in Ranipet. Chiller based oil and mould cooling system was chosen for their plant to avoid centralized piping, maintenance cost and to reduce water consumption.  With the help of GEM ORION advanced chiller, we have clubbed 4 machines with one chiller to cool both oil and mould cooling. Covered all 24 machines with 6 chillers, we have designed and erected the PPR piping system while saving capital cost as well as processed water almost 1 lac KL per year.

Funskool (2018)

ABI Showatech (2019)

Auroflux also successfully completed projects for ASI Showatech’s Induction Furance cooling, Sand Cooling Application and their Chiller piping for Aerospace facilities.

Aspiration Energy is a solution provider in solar thermal and heat pump system.  Aspiration did Asia’s largest solar thermal roof top system at Wheels India Limited, Padi.  Auroflux did a complete piping system for the solar thermal plant including design.  Auroflux did a solar thermal project piping for  Aspiration in Sola Koyo and Haritha Ferher, Hosur.

Aspiration Energy Private Limited

Delphi TVS Diesel Systems, Oragadam

Auroflux successfully installed PPR piping system with PHE based closeloop for high precision Vaccum furnace line at Delphi TVS.  Auroflux did a precise piping design and saved almost 20 Kwh of energy compare to the old system through innovative piping design. 

Auroflux is doing continuous projects for Super Auto Forge Limited for Compressed Air, Dry Cooler and Chilled water lines with complete design for all their plans at Kolapakkam, Medavakkam and Madipakkam. 

Super Auto Forge Limited

Mando Automotive India

Auroflux is doing complete cooling water and RO water lines in Mando Automotive, which including complete pipe design .

Auroflux did a complete closed loop piping design with advanced VFD panel system for PDC machines. Auroflux also taking supply and erection order and completed this project

Arul Casting Pvt Ltd