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KPT Pipes and Fittings

One of the most important products of ours is the PPR pipes and fittings and we have completed many projects using this product with our technical expertise. We have three different variants to meet industrial requirements. Greentherm, Thermoplast and Pneumato for water, chilled water, fire fighting and compressed air applications. Branded Auroflux Pipes from  KPT ranging from 20 mm to 415 mm sizes.

PPR Pipes and Fittings





HDPE pipes and fittings

HDPE Pipes and fittings

  • HDPE pipes and fittings of PPR pipes and fittings are used for many projects along with extensive design, pipe support with valves etc,.
  • Installed HDPE concealed PPR piping system for injection molding outlet drain water piping in United Industrial Plastics, Mainetti India Pvt Ltd. And also for UnitechPlasto Components, Techno Molds, Motherson and for many other customers.

Metallic Piping Solution

  • All kinds of metallic piping supply and erection like MS, GI, SS pipes for cooling water line, compressed air line, chiller water line, fire-fighting and raw water lines will be undertaken.
  • Installed cooling water piping and compressed air GI/MS piping  of PPR pipes and fittings at TAFE, DLJM, Lolagun Bearing etc; SS piping for Phramacell India;  GI insulated pipes for solar hot water roof top system with Aspiration Energy at Wheels India (Seamless pipe for 625 KW), Sona Koyo, HarithaSeatings (Hosur).
Metallic Piping Solution​

UPVC, CPVC Pipes, PPR Pipes and Fittings

  • Supply and installation of various brands as per the customer requirement with competitive prices for UPVC, CPVC piping system undertaken
  • Extensive experience in setting up chilled water system with CPVC pipes and Sekisui DLJM.

VFD Control Panels

  • Proficient at designing and supplying VFD based automated control panels for cooling tower pumps along with PPR pipes and fittings.
  • Used self-designed VFD control panels at United Industrial Plastics Pvt Ltd, Mainetti India Pvt Ltd, TAFE, Ashok Leyland, Arul Castings etc.
  • Panels designed with advanced technology; Runs with a fully automated system, thus saves energy and protects the environment.
VFD Control Panels​​
Dry Coolers​

Dry Coolers

  • Dry coolers are advanced heat transfer systems which save huge amounts of industrial water for high temperature applications.
  • Completed a mega project efficiently at Ashok Leyland component testing lab using HPU oil cooling with GEM to make dry cooling tower, with our vast field experience with water conservation methodology.
  • Consultancy services and designs based on our analysis of the customer’s Plant for energy efficiency and sustainability offered.

Structural Fabrication

  • Well-versed design and erection team to meet all structural and fabrication issues available
  • Complete structural floor at APPL Industry done and various types of ducting system fabricated to meet different air exhaust requirements.
Structural Fabrication​
Plate Heat Exchanger​

Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Plate heat exchangers are the advanced heat transfer technology which is the best alternative for shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • More than 30 projects with Tranter-make, have also use closed loop cooling system which prevent water from entering into the Plant and damage expensive equipment.

Process Chillers

  • Complete heat load study of the chiller requirement for various process industries like Injection Molding, Heat Treatment Furnace, Extrusion Machines etc, undertaken and customer’s preferred brand chillers can be used.
  • Consultation to evaluate the various branch chillers can be done
  • Completed successful injection Colding piping projects with GEM Orion chillers at Funskool, United Industries, VTK industries; with Werner Finley chillers at Rane Brake, Mainetti India; with GWK Prasad chiller at Swastik Polymers, Pondicherry and with Blue star chiller at Suguna Chicken, ABI Showatech etc.
Process Chillers​
FRP Cooling Towers​

FRP Cooling Towers

  • More than 200 cooling tower piping project with various brand cooling towers like GEM Cooling towers, Advance Cooling towers, Mehir Cooling Towers, Pharphur Cooling Towers Etc undertaken.
  • Involvement in all steps of the process, from selecting the cooling tower to supply, install, testing and commissioning the system.
  • Projects ranging from10 TR to 5000 TR undertaken.

Compressed Air Dryer

  • Compressed air is an essential, but high cost utility requirement for all types of industry.
  • Vastly experienced in this area and have completed more than 200 projects including piping, work with compressed air energy audit and air saving automations also undertaken.
  • Compressed air dryer projects with mostly GEM Equipment, Air dryers and Filters completed.
  • Projects from 10 cfm to 10000 cfm including design and detailed engineering undertaken.
Compressed Air Dryer​
Compressed Air Receiver

Pressure Vessels

  • Proficient in designing and fabricating the pressure vessels for compressed air system and other applications.
  • Fabrication of the vessels as per IS 2062, IS 2002 with various grades and welding procedures undertaken

Solar Thermal

  •         Installed the Asia’s largest roof top solar thermal system 625 Kwh with ETC iubes. Aspiration Energy System designed the project while we did the piping and erection of roof top. 
  •          Specialized solar hot water system for various industrial heat requirements with Aspiration Energy System and Chennai Solar Energy System undertaken. 
  • Erected roof top solar thermal system through Aspiration Energy at Wheels India, Sona Koyo, HarithaSeatings, Hospira. 
Solar Thermal​
Solar PV​

Solar PV

  • Experts available to design, supply and erection of solar PV system upto 500 KW.
  • Solar Pv project at Three Pallavaram Govt Higher Secondary School (25X3=75 KW), Green Valley Higher Secondary School (25 KW) and various individual houses ranging from 1 KW to 10 KW.
  • Projects with detailed engineering and design with advanced energy saving LED solutions undertaken.
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